Acceptable Use Policy

"By continuing your connection to the SceneP2P IRC Network, and its subsequent servers, you agree to the following conditions."

1.0 - Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is an unmoderated medium. No SceneP2P server, staff member or provider logs or scrutinizes the traffic which pass through its servers. We take no responsibility, and explicitly disclaim legal liability for the content of messages which pass through any server as a result of being "on IRC".

2.0 - IRC may not be suitable for persons under the age of majority within your respective countries origin. It is recommended by SceneP2P administration that parents please supervise their childs' IRC session.

3.0 - Upon connecting to our network, you give us express permission to connect to your host/IP/domain for security verification purposes. This is achieved via identd/auth lookups on port 113, including the checking of open ports, unsecured proxies and Tor clients.

4.0 - Harassment of users' which includes but not limited to trolling/baiting/flaming, racism, defamation or any form of discrimination is not tolerated on the SceneP2P network and a zero tolerance approach will be enforced. Any user found to breach this rule will be removed from the network. If you feel you are the victim of abuse, please seek an SceneP2P staff member on IRC immediately.

5.0 - Flooding, spamming and/or advertising/posting personal information, unsolicited web sites, images, text, or using Anope to send mass invite or knock notices including the misuse of CTCP commands is not tolerated on the SceneP2P network. Any user found to breach this rule will be removed from the network.

6.0 - Cloning is not tolerated and/or connecting more than two (2) concurrent connections per host/IP/domain to any server is not allowed on the SceneP2P network. If you wish to connect more than two (2) concurrent connections, eg. if you are hosting a LAN and want your friends to connect, please join #help to request a trigger on your host/IP/domain. Any user found to breach this rule will be removed from the network.

7.0 - Any user found to circumvent network bans by using a VPN/BNC/shell/proxy etc. or cycling their WAN IP will be treated as hostile and SceneP2P staff will remove and ban all subsequent connections found breaching this rule.

8.0 - You may register up to four (3) nicknames per host/IP/domain with our network service Nickserv. To keep the nickname from expiring, it is a requirement to /identify to the nickname at least once every 35 days. In addition to if the nickname owns a channel, at least one (1) Chanserv command must be performed during this period. Furthermore, if any user exceeds this limit, a services ban may be enforced by staff or automatically by Anope ignoring all user commands and can occur with or without prior warning.

9.0 - SceneP2P provides channels registered with Anope its network service Chanserv to maintain a user access list and help keep control over the channel. Any channel found to be using a "bot" or similar clone to mimic Chanserv operations or other network service is strictly prohibited.

10.0 - Connecting to SceneP2P for the sole purpose of "poaching/procuring" users to supplement numbers on their own or other IRC Network by means of flooding, spamming and/or advertising/posting, channel/private message is strictly prohibited. Any user found to breach this rule will be removed from the network.

Be advised SceneP2P administrators reserve the right to sever and/or deny a users' connection with or without prior warning.

This document is current as at Sun 6th Dec, 2015.