About SceneP2P

"SceneP2P is a privately-owned and operated Internet Relay Chat (IRC) network founded in 2013."

Greetings everybody,

We would like to take this opportunity at welcoming you, your family, and your friends to join our network and become apart of the SceneP2P community.

As a guest on our network, we also request that you remain respectful of other guest opinions, be mindful and keep conversation well-mannered.

In exchange, we expect that all guests comply with our Acceptable Use Policy.


The SceneP2P Team

  • To assist in protecting your online anonymity, we are pleased to offer free vHosts for our registered guests, please visit here for more information.

  • SceneP2P is protecting itself against open port/proxy connections and as a consequence you may become banned from the network. To request an exemption on your host, please visit this link.
  • For an extensive listing of our available user and channel modes including new commands on SceneP2P, click here.

  • We welcome you to check out our statistics page by clicking this link.
  • Sometimes real life intervenes on our staff and help may not be immediately available. Therefore we encourage our SceneP2p users to join our #help channel by following this link.

    Our aim is to answer all questions within 24 hours.

SceneP2P Services


This service allows an SceneP2P user to register their channel with ChanOP and maintain a level of control over channel operations. By registering a channel with ChanOP, this benefits the owner by providing a secure environment for their channel among other included features.


This service allows SceneP2P users to register and reserve ownership of a nickname for their sole usage. Registering will guarantee exclusive rights to the nickname, and provide security for keeping it free from any unauthorised use.


OperOP is a service provided by SceneP2P for IRC Operators to perform administrative commands. Our SceneP2P IRC Operator team may use this service at their discretion for protecting the network and preventing attacks of malicious nature.


Our vHost service benefits only registered SceneP2P users and allows changing their hostname to something unique. The vHost can be customised as per the guidelines and may include your own domain.

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Server Portfolio

"Here, at SceneP2P, our servers are geographically located throughout the world to maximise our user experience and ensure stability with minimal latency."

Client Software


The most popular client for Windows operating system.


A popular client for MAC operating system.


The most popular client for Unix operating system.


Another client for Windows operating system.


A very popular client for Android operating system.


Another client for Unix operating system.


Windows, MAC, Unix and Android!